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Working Valtage: DC10V~50V
Output Valtage: Linearity Under Load
Maximum Current: 60A
Presistent Current: 40A
Speed Control Range: 0%~100%
Speed Regulation Method: Potentiometer (Tape Switch)
Speed Control Type: Regulating Current
Forward Reversal: Support (No lock switch)
Support Motor: DC Brush Motor
Size: 110mm*78mm*38mm(L*W*H)
Digital display range: 0-100

-Small size, easy to carry.
-Fast speed, high efficiency.
-Durable, long working hours.
-Input voltage should be the same with rated voltage of the motor.
Note: The LED display from 0-100,it is percentage of motor speed,not actual speed of the motor.

Package included:
1 x Speed Controller

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