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400mm Stroke Actuator CNC Linear Motion Lead Screw Slide Stage with 42 Stepper Motor


Material aluminum alloy
Size 550*64*50mm
Slide width 78mm
The number of slider 1
Horizontal load 56KG
Vertical load 15KG
Current 1.2A
Voltage 12V
Resistance 3.2 ohms
Step angle 1.8º
Accuracy 0.1mm
Round trip accuracy 0.1-0.5mm
Ambient temperature -10º-50º
Slide stroke 400mm
Quantity 1pcs


-Horizontal load 56KG, vertical (pull) load 15KG.
-High precision, heavy load resistance.
-Long life, low coefficient of friction, versatility.

-The ball screw consists of a screw, nut and ball. The rotation movement into a linear motion, with a small frictional resistance.

Package Included:
1 x 400mm Stroke Lead Screw Slide(with a stepper motor)

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