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DC 12V Brass Electric Solenoid Valves 2 Way Normally Closed Valve


Type (channel location)Straight-through type
Connecting formatScrew thread
Flow directionUnidirection
Nominal diameter4 minutes (mm)
Working temperature(120 ?)
Use pressure1.5 (mpa)
Flow range0.5 to 5.5 L/min
Stable flow adjustable pressure1.0mpa
Steady flow error10%


1. Compact and convenient,Easily installed and serviced
2. All copper casting structure, precise and reliable.Mechanical no power consumption,Steady flow adjustable.
3. The installation direction can be arbitrary Angle
4. Pressure regulating valve (steady flow valve) function similar to water flow switch
5. Not only can the constant current steady flow, but also prevent the dry burning and monitoring the flow
6. Suitable for liquid, water, oil, high-end water heaters, intelligent drinking fountains, water heaters,
straight drinking machines, water purification machines, steam machines, Energy-saving air-conditioning,
water treatment, cooling equipment and water industry and other fields, the use of a large number

Package Included:
1x Solenoid valve

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