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Will not work with brushless type motor or soft/slow start motors.

Dimension: Approx. 13.5×5.8x6cm/ 5.31×2.28×2.36''
Cable Length: Approx. 183cm/ 6 ft
Material: Plastic + Aluminum
Power Supply: 120V/ 60Hz
Current Capacity: 15 amps
Input Voltage Capacity: 120 AC
Fuse: 15 amps
Plug: 3 pole

Variables peed or full run
Works with any universal AC/DC brush-type motor, 15 amps or under, to give you control over your router speed
With a three-way socket switch, the dial controls router speed as you work on wood, plastic and even aluminum
Plug your router into the control unit and you instantly have a variable-speed tool

Package Included:
1 x Universal Motor Speed Controller
1 x English Manual

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