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A LG 3000mAH 18650 battery could make ESP32run 17 hours or more.
This capacitive soil moisture sensor differs from most of the resistive sensors on the market, using capacitive sensing principle
to detect soil moisture. It avoids the problem that the resistance sensor is easy to corrode and greatly prolongs its working life.
Size: 193.5*29.4mm

Comparison before and after the soil test module G301 upgrade: (Upgrade time: September 7, 2019)
1. Changed from the original ESP32 module to a separate ESP32 chip.
2. The lithium battery was changed from the original 18650 to a 500MA lithium battery.
3. The charging IC was changed from the original TP5400 to TP4054.
4. Change the original MICR carrier to TYPE-C.
5. The original normal power supply mode is changed to the key sleep wake-up mode (or the customer can make a timed wake-up).
6. The size of the board is 45mm smaller than the previous length, and the width is increased by 2.54MM.
7. Change from the original DHT11 (temperature and humidity sensor) to DHT12
Add part:
1. Added sleep button wake-up function (IO35)
2. Added test soil salinity function (CD4060BM TL034IDR)
3. Added light (BH1750FVI) strength test
4. Reserved external device expansion (single bus serial port IIC—-21~22)
The battery life is much longer than before. In the case of testing moisture, you can test the soil’s salt and photosynthetic absorption, reasonable fertilization and proper sun exposure.
Working current: 150MA
Sleep current: 220UA

Package included:

1 x Higrow ESP32 WiFi + bluetooth Battery + DHT12 Soil Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module

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