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Based on infrared technology, automatic control products, when someone enters switch sensing range, special sensors to detect changes in the human body infrared spectrum, switch automatically switches the load, do not leave the sensing range (who are active), the switch will continue to turn; person left, switch off automatically load delay. People to light, people from the lights out, kind convenient, safe energy.


1. Bipolar design: three-wire connection, and the load capacity 100W

2. Automatic sensors: one to switch immediately turned (one event will last turn), who left after the delay off automatically.

3. Relay switch: can withstand high current output, high power load.

4. Automatic random delay (continuous delayed mode): People in the induction scope activity, the switch is always turned off automatically lose if the stationary switch off automatically.

5. Adjustable delay time: 10 seconds -350 seconds

6. Ultra Low Power: Switch own power <0.0088W/h (annual power consumption of <0.077 degrees) than other brands of similar products more energy-saving.

7. Lightning Features: Special lightning protection devices, can effectively prevent lightning and other transient high pressure on the switch damage.

8. Induction: Passive

9. Operating Voltage: DC 12V

10. Inductive mode: passive infrared pyroelectric

11. Quiescent Current: 50uA

12. Sensing Distance: 3 to 5m

13. Load Capacity: Maximum: 100W, inductive loads require half the power usage down

14. Induction Angle: About 120°, 100 ° up and down

15. Load Range: Various types of DC LED lamps, load

16. Ambient Temperature: -20 to +50℃

17. Output Mode: Relay control output DC 12V high level / low level

18. Size: 45 x 30mm, PIR lens diameter: 12mm

Wiring instructions:

Red wire: Power input + 12V
Black wire: Power output -12V
Yellow wire: OUT + 12V power output

Package included:

1 x Human body induction PIR IR pyroelectric infrared sensor module

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